Clean Water Services: ripl

Clean Water Services, Washington County, Oregon's water treatment utility, is a strong advocate for clean water for future generations. They hired us to brand a new building which is nestled on the edge of their innovative human-made wetlands at Fernhill. The building would house their most cutting-edge research and labs, so we developed a name, logo and brand identity that not only named the building but represented the culture of the smart people working in the building and in the field. The project encompassed naming, logo design and brand identity development. The blue waves in the ripl logo are a reference to Clean Water Service's corporate logo.

“ripl” stands for all of the water Research, Innovation, Partners and Labs that come together in Clean Water Services' new, state-of-the-art building. Within ripl's physical walls are a Pilot Research Facility, Entrepreneurial Labs, a Pathogens Lab and dedicated spaces for our Training, Workshops and Conferences. But, ripl is more than an acronym, and more than a building. 

ripl is a far-reaching source of energy for all things water-related, connecting a range of many people, places and activities that conduct water research, monitor current water quality and plan for future solutions to the world’s changing water needs and challenges. By working together in harmony, ripl's reach is local and global, environmental and economic, natural and technical, micro and macro. 

Client: Clean Water Services
Project: Naming, Logo Design, Brand Identity 
Copywriter: Nicole Clainos