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Oregon Convention Center: Branding

There was a lot more going on within the walls of Oregon Convention Center than most people people in Portland were aware of. OCC certainly does what you would expect, which is to host amazing conventions and meetings. But beyond that, there was a real story yet to be told. One that would certainly surprise and delight Portland and beyond.

I was hired by Grady Britton to work with their team in developing an entirely new brand for OCC. We started with brand discovery sessions, where we revealed much goodness to build something around. I led the creative effort to bring the new brand to life. We developed and presented 3 strong brand platform directions, one of which hit home immediately.

"Living our GO", is a play on the stacked G and O in their new logo which speaks to the dynamic, progressive character of the brand and the people that work there. This is an organization with purpose, hell-bent on facilitating positive change, and not afraid to take the lead in a position of inclusiveness, social justice and environmental advocacy. In a time when our nation's collective momentum seemed to be slipping the other direction, OCC was becoming more than a center for conventions. It was realizing it's potential as a center for positive change, in the center of one of the nation's most progressive cities.

Created more as an internal unifier and rally cry, "Living Our GO." has also become an outward-facing declaration of advocacy and pride. The launch of the new brand coincided with a comprehensive redesign of the building's interior spaces. 

Creative Direction/Art Direction: Jeff Dooley
Copywriter: Nicole Clainos
Agency/Design: Grady Britton