• Studio Dooley - Lensbaby-IG

Lensbaby: Shoot Extraordinary.

Lensbaby came to us for help with their brand. They needed a whole new thing. A refresh. A position in the marketplace that they, and they alone, could own. We conducted a lucrative brand discovery session with Lensbaby ownership and key staff and dug right in.

To yet-to-be-customers, Lensbaby's imaginative products were largely considered non-essential photo equipment. More like toys than real high-end lenses. That just simply wasn't true, and we set out to show the world how essential this brand could be. Fact is, these products are unmatched in their ability to open up creative opportunities, helping photographers and videographers find the extraordinary in everything. 

Our approach to the brand was based in an understanding of creatives themselves. We saw a powerful connecting point between the brand and their audience. A position of truth about what artists are like and where art comes from. This fertile, mysterious place is where Lensbaby should live, as a champion of weird and courageous.

We recognized that Lensbaby could embrace the extraordinary in all of us. After all, this is where the unexpected happens. The magic. The special. Lensbaby provides the tools and encouragement to go out and find what makes you truly unique as an artist. Now we're getting somewhere.

The entire new brand hangs on our new tagline, "Shoot extraordinary." The line has become the driving force for all things brand-wide. 

We believe no creative should ever have to apologize for being a little different. No photography gear maker should either. Just scroll through those thousands of photos currently being shared with the tag #shootextraordinary. The extraordinary beauty and wonder found in the work this new audience is sharing truly speaks for itself.