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Hoffman Construction: GUTS

Hoffman Construction Company doesn't pay lip service to their safety program. The well-being of their people is their top priority. They asked us to develop a safety program above and beyond anything they've ever done, so we set out to create something beyond anything we've ever seen any construction company do. I developed the GUTS (Get Us There Safe) program concept, name and visual identity in order to leverage the bravado and courage found in abundance on any Hoffman construction site, countering a common "snitches get stitches" mentality with a bold declaration of personal character and badass. After all, it often takes real GUTS to stand up for yourself, for your co-workers and for doing the right thing. The program launched with rave reviews and enthusiasm from the entire organization, as hard hat stickers and t-shirts immediately entered Hoffman work sites, worn with pride. GUTS should serve as a powerful foundation to build upon for many years to come, as a vehicle for story telling, online content and ongoing safety initiatives. . 

Agency: Grady Britton
Concept, Program Name, Visual Identity: Jeff Dooley