• DSC00032 4 seaswirl covers
  • DSC00042 - striper cover
  • DSC00043 striper 2
  • DSC00044 - striper 3
  • DSC00045 - striper 4
  • DSC00046 - striper 5
  • DSC00048 - striper 6
  • DSC00050 striper 7
  • DSC00054 - seaswirl cover
  • DSC00056 - seaswirl 2
  • DSC00057 - seaswirl 3
  • DSC00059 - seaswirl 4
  • DSC00060 - seaswirl 5
  • DSC00061 - seaswirl 6


"A man is never lost at sea."
-Ernest Hemingway

I got to work on a boat account for a few years. Recognizing the opportunity to bring a higher level of sophistication and design to the boat industry, I looked to the likes of Audi and BMW for inspiration. Upgrading the brand voice and look was a tough sell to Seaswirl's old-school boat industry guys, but together we made it happen, and the brand blossomed.

This new brand vibe was realized online, in dealer co-branded advertising, radio, print and trade shows.

The photo shoots out in the ocean, in heavy seas, were the most fun I've had at work while simultaneously thinking I was going to die at any moment. I was the only dork aboard in a life jacket, among much saltier dogs.

Photography: Bob Pearl, Matt Seefeldt (who kicked butt, risking the welfare of gear and health to get the shots)