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  • JEFF DOOLEY CREATIVE - DSC00094 -jw id

J&W: Identity

This is an identity package required some serious Photoshop trickery. We replaced standard CMYK inks with custom Pantone inks. By manipulating Photoshop's separation presets, we were able to more-or-less preview the wanted results, and fine-tuning was done on press. Manila card stock was chosen for the business cards and a thin newsprint was used for the letterhead. The newsprint acted like a sponge giving us a nice show-through on the blank side of the letterhead.

One large image was printed on each press sheet and all the cards and letterhead were cut from those master sheets, allowing for some cool serendipity in the crops. Other talented designers were responsible for the logo. This is an older sample, but I like to keep it around as a reminder of how much fun it can be to play with ink.